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What is Tempry?
Tempry is an instant network. Like most social networks, you can follow people and view their updates. We're different though in that you can only view updates from the past 24 hours and once you've shared updates you can't edit or delete them.
How much does Tempry cost?
It's free for individuals, we've never charged and never will. You can both download the app free of charge and register free of charge. The app does use mobile data though (and WiFi, when available), so if your data usage exceeds what is allotted by your mobile plan, you could be subject to additional fees by your carrier.
How can I join?
You can download Tempry from the Apple App Store and register an account. To join you'll need a valid email address and to be 13 years of age or older – that's all.
Who can join?
Tempry is available to all individuals aged 13 or older.
How will my information be used?
Tempry has a strict privacy policy in place. We will never pass your details on to any external companies. Your name and username are used on your profile, your email address is used for marketing, notification and support communications (eg. resetting your password) and your mobile number is used to help your contacts find your Tempry profile. We never openly reveal your email address or mobile number to another user, they can simply be used to find your profile if someone already has possession of them.
Is my profile private?
All profiles on Tempry are visible to other Tempry users and, as such, the wider world too. Make sure you do not display private information on your Tempry profile that you do not wish to be publicly available.
What profile picture can I use?
We encourage all Tempry users to upload profile pictures as this makes your profile more appealing to potential followers and distinguishes you. We do not restrict what you can use as your profile picture, provided it complies with our terms of use.
I've forgotten my password, how can I reset it?
You can reset your password by selecting this option when logging in to the account on the Tempry app. To reset your password, you will need access to the email account you entered when you first registered. If you don't have access to this anymore then please contact support (
I've forgotten my username, what can I do?
If you go to the password reset page of the app and enter your email address, we will send you details of how to reset your password in an email. This email also contains your username. You can delete the email, without resetting your password, if you so wish.
How can I share a post?
Once you're registered and logged in you can tap on the compose button in the top right hand corner of the app's screen at any time to share an update.
What can I share in a post?
Text, photos, videos and links.
Can I take a video or photo in Tempry?
Sure. You can add a photo or video to your update from either your photo library or directly through the app using the camera there and then.
Who sees my posts?
Your followers will see your posts on their feed, if you have GEO-Location enabled then those searching in the area you posted your update will see it and anybody who visits your profile will see it. The only people who won't see your updates are users you've chosen to block.
How long do my updates remain visible to users?
Every post has a 24-hour time-limit which cannot be edited. The moment a post is shared it will begin counting down from 24 hours. After your post, has been shared for 24 hours it will vanish from Tempry.
What are "stars"?
A star is a way of letting the author of a post know that you like their post. This will go towards their total number of stars on their profile. All stars are anonymous.
What are "re-temps"?
A re-temp is a way of re-sharing a post with your followers. A re-temp'd post will clearly be marked as a "re-temp", with a line at the top of it. The post will have the original author's profile picture, name and link to their profile. All re-temps are anonymous.
How long does a re-temp last for?
A re-temp will last for 24 hours from the point it's re-temp'd. So, if you share an update and it's been visible for 22 hours before somebody re-temp's it, then it will appear on their feed for 22 more hours. The original post will still disappear from your profile 24 hours after it's shared, but the re-temp is visible for 24 hours from the point that it's re-temp'd. Think of a re-temp as a new post.
Can I remove a post once shared?
Sorry, no. That's the point of Tempry. Just like a real-life conversation, once the words escape your lips you can't take them back. But, don't worry, it'll disappear from your profile feed after 24 hours.
Can I edit a post once shared?
Again, no.
Can I save my post permanently?
Sorry, no. We believe that updates are more emotive when they are seen and then lost forever. Think about your real-life memories, the same can be said for updates. You can save photos and videos from your own posts but that's it.
Can people take screenshots?
They can, yes. So, watch-out! Unfortunately, there's no way for anyone to disable screenshots from being taken on apps.
Can other users save my videos or photos?
Other users can take screenshots but there is no functionality within the app for them to save a photo or video from any posts other than their own updates.
How often do you store updates for?
We store updates for up to 7 days after they've been shared, for security and safety purposes. Within 7 days of being posted, your update will be permanently deleted from Tempry's servers.
Do you look at my updates?
We never look at users' updates or private messages, unless they've been reported to us as inappropriate by another user. When reviewing updates and messages we do so with the upmost discretion and will never share these with anyone outside the business.
Can you delete my post?
We have a strict non-removal policy, unless a post violates our terms of use.
Do I own the copyright to my posts?
Yes, you retain all copyright. When you upload your content, you grant us a license to use and display that content with Tempry, under your copyright ownership. We will never use or sell your updates, without your express permission.
What does following someone mean?
By following someone, you will see their posts on your home feed. When you follow someone, they can see that you've followed them and will be notified of this.
Who can I follow?
You can follow anyone on Tempry. The only exception is a user who's blocked you.
Is there a limit to the number of people I can follow?
No, there's no limit. We do have temporary blocks in place to limit the number of users you can follow in a single set time, to reduce spam accounts. However, there is no limit to the number of people you can follow over time.
Someone is harassing me, what can I do?
You can block users by going to your settings, scrolling to the bottom and selecting the ‘block user' option. Here you can enter a username and block that user. Blocking a user means that they cannot send you private messages, view your profile or view your updates.
Can I unblock someone?
You can review the users you've blocked in your settings. If you would like to unblock a user, you can do so simply by selecting ‘unblock' next to their username.
Someone's posted an inappropriate post, what can I do?
We have post reporting functionality. You can report any update and we will do a review of it as soon as possible. Bear in mind that all updates have an expiry of 24 hours so if an update does violate our terms of use then it may even disappear before we've had a chance to review it. If a post is inappropriate you can also block that user, should you wish to do so.

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